Uploading files

Globalese translates files based on the XLIFF standard. They can be ‘vanilla’ XLIFF or any of the CAT tool flavours supported by Globalese.

You can upload files individually or together in a zip file.

The maximum number of uploads allowed in one go is 20, and no file can be larger than 600 MB.

Uploading multiple files in a zip archive

When you upload multiple files in a zip archive, all files must have the same format.

The added convenience is that when it comes to downloading the project files, you can get a zip file with the exact same directory structure.

Uploading CAT tool files

The source and target languages are automatically detected.

The following file formats are accepted:

  • .mqxliff

  • .mxliff

  • .sdlxliff

  • .txlf

  • .xliff / .xlf

To upload one or more CAT tool files:

  1. Go to a project.

  2. Choose Files > Upload.

  3. Select at least one file to upload.

  4. Click the Upload button.

Only files containing translatable segments will be accepted. Files without translatable segments will be rejected.

Check out this page to find out what elements/attributes are required and what is changed during pre-translation.