Updating an engine

Updating to add or remove corpora

  1. Upload or update any corpora you want to add to the engine.

  2. Go to the engine’s Versions tab and click the Edit button.

  3. Change the corpus, the keyword list and the custom prompt and save the engine.

  4. If the only change was in the keyword list and/or the custom prompt section, a new engine version will be created. Changes in the keyword list and/or the custom prompt will take affect in the new engine version instantly.

  5. Otherwise (if there were changes in the corpora), the status of the engine will change to Changed. The engine has to be re-trained so that changes take effect.

Updating to reflect changes in corpora

From time to time, it becomes necessary to re-train engines because the corpora that they were trained on has been amended, filtered, cleaned etc.

If you only need to update the content of the corpora in an engine but you are using the same files, you don’t need to edit the engine at all. Just update all the changed corpora (or re-import them from their CAT tool of origin), and when you come back to the engine, you will see that the Next version will display the current versions of all corpora, as opposed to previously trained engine versions.

Having updated a corpus means a newer version is available for training, but engines using it still need to be re-trained to reflect the changes.

You can hit the Train button straight away on the Versions tab, and the engine will be re-trained using the latest version of all of the included corpora.