The billing page is only accessible to system administrators and billing administrators.

The Administration > Billing page enables users to

  • start/stop their subscription

  • get an overview about their billing information provided to Globalese

  • set a monthly budget

  • see the current upcoming invoice details and total amount.

Starting a subscription

Globalese uses Stripe to manage card details, payments and invoicing. As a new Globalese user, before you can start a subscription, you will need to go to the Stripe Customer Portal by clicking the Manage billing details button.

The Billing details and Billing address panels will indicate the missing and required information. If your billing organisation is within the EU, you will also need to provide an EU VAT number.

To activate your subscription or to change the payment method or the billing information like billing address, please proceed as following:

  1. Click on Manage billing details


  2. A new browser window will pop up.
    IMPORTANT: Please note that depending on the browser security settings, you might need to give permission for the new pop-up window to appear.
    Please follow the instructions of your browser.


  3. Click on Add payment method, and enter the required credit card information. Following bank card brands are supported:

    • VISA

    • Mastercard

    • American Express

    • China UnionPay

    • Japan Credit Bureau

    • Discover & Diners

    Additionally, users located in the EU-zone can choose SEPA Direct Debit as payment option.

  4. Scroll down and click on Update information


  5. Enter your billing information. Providing an e-mail address and an address is mandatory for all countries. Providing a Tax ID is mandatory for all countries within the EU.


  6. Click on Save to save the payment method and the billing information.

  7. Click on Return to Globalese. This will lead you back to the Globalese Billing page.

  8. Once all the required information and a valid payment method have been provided, clicking the Start subscription button will start a new subscription.

Cancelling a subscription

You can cancel your Globalese subscription at any time. When you click the Cancel subscription button, a final invoice will be created and paid automatically through Stripe. Once that is successful, your Globalese subscription will be cancelled.

Restarting a subscription

Subscriptions can be restarted if they were cancelled by the user or they were suspended because an invoice could not be paid in the past. You only need to make sure the required information and a valid payment method are provided, and then click the Start subscription button.

Downloading invoices

The system will send automatic e-mail notifications with the invoices and payment receipts attached to the e-mail address registered in the Billing information sections.

Users with billing administrator rights have access to all invoices from the past.

  1. Click on Manage billing details

  2. Scroll down to the Invoice history section

  3. Click on the Download icon to retrieve an invoice from the past.


  4. Click on Download invoice to download the invoice. Click on Download receipt to download the payment receipt.