Creating a project

To create a project:

  1. Go to Projects.

  2. Click Create new.

  3. Specify the name, languages and the group the new project will belong to. Just like engines, projects may only belong to one group only.

  4. Based on the above data, Globalese will display a list of engines to choose from.
    You will find stock engines readily available for certain language combinations.

  5. Select the engine you want to assign to the project.

  6. Optionally, you can connect the new project you are creating to an existing project on a CAT tool server. This will enable direct importing/exporting of files between the CAT tool server and Globalese.

    1. If you have one or more CAT tool server connectors set up, you can choose a CAT tool server to connect to.

    2. If you select a CAT tool server, Globalese will list all the projects stored on the CAT tool server in the given language pair, along with the number of files in each one.

    3. If you select a CAT tool project, Globalese will be able to pull files from the project for pre-translation, and then push them back once pre-translation has finished.

  7. Click Save.