Creating an engine

To create an engine:

  1. Go to Engines.

  2. Click Create new.

  3. Specify the name, languages and the group the new engine will belong to. Unlike corpora, engines must only belong to one group only.

  4. Choose an engine type. The default is Domain-adapted, but for language combinations where Globalese offers stock engines, you can choose Stock+ as well.

  5. If you select Domain-adapted, the option to leverage stock corpora will also be visible if Globalese provides stock corpora for the selected language combination.

  6. Select the corpora you want to include in the engine. See required corpus volumes here.

  7. Click Save.

Master corpora

Master corpora are the core of the engine. Globalese will use master corpora as a reference when training the engine. The training process will use segment pairs from the auxiliary and/or stock corpora that are from the same domain as the master corpus with a higher weight, and others with a lower weight.

Auxiliary corpora

Auxiliary corpora, just like stock corpora, will be used to enrich the master corpora. A bigger pool of auxiliary corpora means a bigger selection base for the training process.
Only the content most closely related to the master corpora will eventually be used for training the engine, so feel free to add any material that has good linguistic value.