Full retraining vs quick training

Since Globalese 3.9, there are two distinct training modes for certain engines: Full retraining and Quick training. Quick training was introduced to save time where engines receive minor updates, and therefore don’t need to be fully retrained.

When do both training options become available for an engine?

Full retraining is the default option, and is available for all types of engines. To find out more about the training process itself, see https://globalese.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOCS/pages/647135679.

You will be presented with two options when clicking the Train button if an engine meets these criteria:

If the above criteria are not met, you will have no options to choose from, and full training will start as usual.

Full retraining

This is still the recommended way to go in case you have made major changes in the master corpora of the engine, such as:

  • terminology changes or clean-ups;

  • more than 10K segments added/removed.

Full retraining will make sure the engine is rebuilt from the ground up.

Quick training

This option saves training time without notable sacrifices in engine quality. It is recommended in case of minor changes, such as:

  • no terminology changes;

  • less than 10K new segments added/removed.

Quick retraining doesn’t start from scratch. Instead, it takes the existing, trained engine, and only re-focuses the engine on the current set of master corpora.