XTM connector

Managing XTM connectors

See https://globalese.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOCS/pages/1099497489/CAT+tool+server+connectors#XTM

Using XTM connectors

You can use an XTM connector to:

  • import TMs from XTM

  • pretranslate files in XTM projects

To import TMs from XTM:

See https://globalese.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOCS/pages/1244266575

To pretranslate files in XTM projects:

1. Set up the connection

  1. Set up a new project, or edit an existing one in Globalese.

  2. Under CAT server connection, select a XTM connector.

  3. Under CAT project, select the XTM project you want to associate the Globalese project with.

  4. Click Save.

The Globalese project is now associated with a XTM project, so you can move project files between the two.

2. Retrieve XTM files for pretranslation

  1. Choose Files > Retrieve XTM files for translation.

  2. Globalese lists all the files in the associated XTM project. Select the ones you want to retrieve for pretranslation.

  3. Click Retrieve files.

You can now manage the XTM files in the Globalese project.

Note: these files are duplicates of the original XTM files, and the link is indicated by the XTM icon next to the file name. Deleting the files from the Globalese project does not affect the files in the XTM project.

3. Translate XTM files in Globalese

4. Deliver pretranslated files to XTM

Once the files have been translated in Globalese, the Deliver option becomes available. You have three options to deliver pretranslated files:

  • Select the Deliver option next to the file on the project page.

  • Click Deliver on the file page.

  • Choose Files > Deliver translated XTM files on the project page. This will deliver all pretranslated XTM files that have not been delivered before.


You can only deliver the same file again if you re-translate them in Globalese (e.g. after changing the engine associated with the project).