Querying engine information and managing engine instances


Authentication must be provided in the request header as Authorization: Bearer <API key>.

API keys for querying engine information

A valid API key can be:

  • A user's API key. The user must have translate permission in the group the engine belongs to.

  • An API key for translation that has been assigned to the engine.


The following information required (and should never be hardcoded) to make requests:



Globalese base URL

Your Globalese instance URL, e.g. https://acme.globalese.ai.

Requests must be sent to this base URL + /api/v3 + the endpoint.

API key

Must be sent in the request header as Authorization: Bearer <API key>


All endpoints must be prefixed by /api/v3.

Managing engine instances

Starting an engine

Create a new engine instance where engine_id is the ID of the engine you want to start, and dispatcher_id is the ID of an available segment translation dispatcher.

Stopping an engine

Delete the corresponding engine instance.

The API endpoint documentation has been moved here.