Cloud text translation plugin for Phrase

This plugin provides a way for Globalese Cloud users to look up individual sentences or pre-translate entire files in Phrase by using the Globalese Text translation service.

Prerequisites and pricing

With this plugin, users can consume Globalese Text translation services in Phrase. For more details about how to enable an engine for text translation, see

Pricing is based on the number of translated source text characters. The actual price is listed on the Pricing page under “Text translation”. Deploying an engine and keeping an engine deployed is at no additional cost.

Configuring and using the plugin in Phrase

  1. Make sure that your engine has been deployed for Text translation. You can check the status on the engine overview page (menu item Engines).

    If the status is showing On, you can configure the engine for Text translation in Phrase. If the status is showing Off, please deploy the engine as described here:

  2. Log in to Phrase, and choose Setup Machine translation engines.

  3. Choose Create.

  4. Select Globalese Cloud Text Translation as MT engine Type:


  5. Enter the required parameters

    Name: description of your Globalese engine. It is recommended to enter the language direction in the name.
    URL: base url of your Globalese system. It is the same url you are using for accessing the browser-based user interface. This is typically a combination of your company/domain name and the * or the * domain (e.g. https://<mycompany> or https://<mycompany> The url can be copied from the browser window.
    API key: the API key of your user or API keys generated for translators without a dedicated Globalese user (see ). The API key of your user can be retrieved from your user profile(<My User>Profile). You can copy the API key to the clipboard by using the copy icon:

    Engine ID: the engine ID can be retrieved from the engine details page in your Globalese system (Engines click on the engine name). You have to scroll down to the For developers section.


  6. After entering the parameters in Phrase, click on Save.

  7. The engine will appear on the Machine translation page. The status is indicated under the Status column. If it shows OK, your Globalese engine can be used in a standard way in Phrase, either for online propagation during translation or for pre-translation.