Custom prompts

What is a custom prompt?

A custom prompt is a free-text section in an engine where users can add custom commands that will influence the behavior of the engine.

How can I enter a custom prompt?

A custom prompt can be entered as a simple free text. Different commands can be combined in one prompt by adding them separated with punctuation marks. The maximum length of a custom prompt is restricted to 255 characters.

What is the impact of a custom prompt?

The content of a custom prompt can greatly influence the translation output of an engine. For instance, a custom prompt can be created to specify the tone of voice, such as using formal or informal speech, or to indicate a specific spelling, such as American English. The exact impact will depend on how the command is formulated in the prompt.

What happens in the case of changes or updates to custom prompts?

Custom prompts can be changed and updated when updating an engine. If the only change made to an engine is in the keyword list(s) or in the custom prompt, no retraining is required. The changes will take effect immediately once the engine has been saved. Please note that in this scenario, a new version of the engine will be created.

What kind of engines are supported?

Currently, custom prompts can be used in domain-adapted, AI-boosted engines.

Notes and recommendations

Please note that even small details in the formulation of a command in a custom prompt can have an impact on the results. Our recommendation is to enter the commands in English. Please try to find an exact and polite formulation. Sometimes even minor differences in the wording can result in varying outcomes. For instance, the instruction "Please use formal speech" will not yield the desired result, whereas "Please use formal speech for the translation" will.

Sample prompts

Tone of voice

Please use formal speech for the translation.

Please use informal speech for the translation.


Please change the spelling to British English.


Please anonymize personal names and bank account numbers in the translation.


As the content of the custom prompts is defined by the users, the exact impact cannot be predicted, and we cannot take any responsibility for the results. There may be situations where commands in a custom prompt will not provide the expected results. Globalese is not liable for any direct or indirect impacts caused by adding commands to the custom prompts.