Translating files

During pre-translation, Globalese processes all segments in a file that are new and not locked, and inserts machine translations for each one. Check out this page for technical details.

Files using the same engine (within the same project, or across multiple projects) will be queued and translated sequentially.

Pre-translating files with Globalese

Go to the project containing the file.

  • To translate a single file, go to the file and click the Translate button.

  • To translate multiple files, go to the project, select one or more files, and click the Translate button above the list of files.

  • To translate all files in a project, go to the project and select Project > Translate.

Translation queue

Files sent to translation may or may not spend some time in the translation queue if you are using Globalese in the cloud, depending on the number of files already queued by other users. Read about how you can use dedicated translator instances if you require engines to respond immediately 24/7.